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1. Air intake. The system of tubing goes from the wall outlet to this point. 2. 30L or 40L double-layer bag, tapered dirt receptacle only needs to be emptied 2-3 times per year. 3. SilentMaster's primary filtering consists of on inner porous 2-ply disposable bag. The first layer is slick so that dirt falls to the bottom. The second is where the fine particle filtering takes place. This is supported by a porous heavy-duty cloth bag (blue). Notice the taper of the bags, which allows maximum surface area for maximized airflow. 4. The air in this open area around the bag and near the motors is tremendously cleaner than cyclonic models, thus protecting the fan blades from build-up which causes early failure. 5. The secondary filtering ( 4 stages of filtration in total ) is made of breathable foam. 6. High performance motors in motor compartment are kept clean by the filtration system above. 7. Exhaust. While cyclonic models normally need to be vented outside, this filtration system keeps the exhaust much cleaner without any need for venting outside.
FINALLY To summarize, every central vacuum system needs a filtration system to protect the motor. And any filter you install (screen, cloth, foam, paper, etc.) will impede airflow in some manner. What makes one system better than another is its ability to minimize debris around the motor while maximizing airflow for vacuum power. At Silentmaster Ireland, we believe we have designed a superior system that is the most powerful, efficient and longest-lived. We hope you'll give us a chance to demonstrate that to you.